Lumbar Spine - Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, hard cover

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Studielitteratur for sundhedspersonale om diagnostik og behandling af lænderyggen.

When Robin McKenzie’s The Lumbar Spine, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy was published in 1981, it was greeted with scepticism and occasionally with ridicule. In the ensuing years, however, as more clinicians became familiar with the assessment process and treatment methods it offered, physical doctors, chiropractors and their patients discovered the value of these apparently simple concepts. Since then much has changed in the world of spinal care, and the confidence of medical practitioners in The McKenzie Method worldwide is reflected in the large body of scientific evidence supporting and validating those ideas – this new book reflects the literature that has accumulated in the interim.

This long-awaited second edition has been thoroughly updated and considerably expanded. It contains a wealth of background material about lumbar spinal problems both specific and non-specific. It explores in depth, the non-specific syndromes – derangements, dysfunction and postural – previously described by McKenzie (1983).
The Descriptions are expanded, more detailed and slightly amended. Also explained is the epidemiology of back pain, the role of the disc, the conceptual model behind the derangement syndrome, clinical reasoning, as well as offering a thorough review of the literature relating to the approach.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy has always placed the patient at the centre of therapeutic engagement. This is reinforced by discussion of the management and involvement of the patient to the fullest extent possible, placing great emphasis on self-management. Clinical descriptions of serious spinal pathology and other specific disorders are presented. Operational definitions and a glossary provide clear clinical descriptions of the mechanical syndromes and other spinal conditions.

Robin McKenzie and co-author Stephen May, who in 2000 collaborated in producing The Human Extremities: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, have produced anther evidence-based and clinically relevant text for the new century. Because of its comprehensive, contemporary and detailed nature, this book provides an authoritative text that is required reading for all health professionals involved in the management of back pain patients.
In the Foreword for this landmark edition, Professor Nikolai Bogduk, Professor of Pain Medicine at the University of Newcastle Royal Hospital, accurately summarises the place The McKenzie Method occupies in the new millennium.

Forfatter: Robin McKenzie og Stephen May
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Sprog: Engelsk
ISBN: 0-473-00064-4